MARK KENNISON has been involved in the shaping of automotive sheet metal professionally for more than 25 years. The hammerman behind numerous national restoration winners, Mark is a partner in D&D Classic Auto Restoration, Covington, Ohio, a shop that is a regular at Pebble Beach and other prestigious national and international shows. At D&D, Mark maintains one of the best-equipped metalshaping shops in the country. Mark holds his workshops at D&D on a regular basis.*

A natural teacher, as well as a student, with an insatiable appetite for studying how the old masters did metalshaping, Mark has spent his adult life and most of his teen years striving to learn and preserve the way his predecessors addressed metalshaping.

How did the metalshaping workshops begin? After a number of Mark’s friends suggested that he teach them some of the neat tricks of metalshaping, Mark put together a two-day hands-on workshop at D&D. It was a rousing success and many of his first students continue to attend time after time. Here’s what three-workshop attendee Dan Shady, a professional restorer from Huntsville, Alabama, had to say: “Mark is a natural teacher, and it’s tough to find a someone with Mark’s experience, plus someone who can teach the skills on all levels. His ability to teach metalshaping in a hands-on manner that I can relate to keeps me coming back for more.”

Mark and his wife, Paula, live in Troy, Ohio.

*SPECIAL GROUP RATES/CHOICE OF LOCATION: If you have a group of five or more students, a workshop concentrating on a special area of interest or skill level can be set up. Call Mark at 937.473.2229 (8am - 5pm daily) for options.